Are you committed to a sustainable future? We’d like to reward you. In line with the city of Zurich’s 2000-watt targets, we’ll support you with financial subsidies if you want to produce electricity or heat from renewable sources or take action to improve your energy efficiency.

Subsidies are available for the following:

  • Photovoltaic systems
  • Thermal solar panels
  • Heat pump facilities
  • Connections to district heating networks
  • Charging infrastructure for electric vehicles
  • Efficient household appliances from (in German)
  • Electricity-saving measures
  • Analysis of potential electricity savings 
  • Research and development work on the rational generation and use of electricity and the substitution of fossil fuel sources
  • Education and awareness-raising

Legal basis

Subsidies are provided by ewz as a public service on behalf of the City of Zurich, and for which ewz raises a surcharge on the grid usage fee (municipal levies) in accordance with the Electricity Supply Act.

Calculating your subsidy
  • The subsidy calculator lets you estimate the maximum subsidies available for a specific measure.
  • However, subsidy amounts are only binding once you submit a concrete application and receive confirmation.

Who can benefit from subsidies?

Private individuals, companies and institutions are eligible for subsidies, provided they implement the measure in the ewz supply area, i.e. in the city of Zurich or in one of the eligible locations in the canton of the Grisons.

ZurichCity of Zurich
DomleschgAlmens, Feldis, Fürstenau, Fürstenaubruck, Paspels, Pratval, Rodels, Rothenbrunnen, Scharans, Scheid, Trans, Tumegl/Tomils
HeinzenbergCazis, Dalin, Flerden, Masein, Portein, Präz, Sarn, Summaprada, Tartar, Tschappina (excluding the Glas municipality), Urmein
RheintalSays, Trimmis, Untervaz
AlbulatalLantsch/Lenz, Mutten
OberhalbsteinBivio, Cunter, Marmorera, Mulegns, Parsonz, Riom, Rona, Salouf, Savognin, Sur, Tinizong
RheinwaldMedels, Nufenen
BregagliaBondo, Borgonovo, Casaccia, Castasegna, Maloja, Promontogno, Stampa, Soglio, Vicosoprano

How to submit a subsidy application

An online platform for the city of Zurich and eligible locations in the canton of the Grisons

  • All measures eligible for 2000-watt subsidies
  • All measures that also receive funding from the canton of Zurich can be entered here.
  • All measures that also receive funding from the canton of the Grisons must first be entered via the Canton of the Grisons funding portal (in German). The application generated must then be uploaded to our funding tool.

Funding will not be granted if work, orders, measures or analyses for properties pursuant to Art. 6 are commissioned, or construction is started, before ewz returns its decision on the funding application or extends early approval.

The city of Zurich’s energy targets

The 2000-watt society is an energy policy vision that combines the national efficiency targets of the Energy Strategy 2050 with the international climate goals of Paris 2015. In 2008, voters in the city of Zurich agreed to commit to the targets of the 2000-watt society, taking on a pioneering role while also supporting local value creation. 

When it comes to achieving its net zero targets, the City Council focuses on measures in the city’s direct area of responsibility and action and does not use climate protection certificates. Zurich’s voters approved the new climate protection target with a clear majority of 75 per cent, and enshrined it in the municipal code.

More information about the city of Zurich energy platform (in German).

2000-watt society targets
The maximum primary energy consumption per person is 2000 watts. CO₂ emissions per person per year amount to no more than 1 tonne.
Find out more (in German)

Net zero targets
Reduction of greenhouse gas emissions to net zero by 2040 (2035 for the municipal authorities).
Find out more (in German)

Frequently asked questions

There are plenty of ways you can save energy in your daily life or in your home, which means you’ll save money too. Use energy efficiently. You can find out more in our energy-saving tips and under in-home energy audit. Or you can get advice by phone or in person at the ewz customer centre.

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