The 2000-watt society is an energy policy vision that combines the national efficiency targets of the Energy Strategy 2050 with the international climate goals of Paris 2015. If we want to meet the objectives of the 2000-watt society, everyone has to do their bit. We can help you with financial subsidies.

2000-watt targets
Zurich advice
Telephone number
+41 58 319 47 11
Grisons advice
Telephone number
+41 58 319 68 68

These are the 2000-watt targets
  • Reduction of primary energy consumption to 2000 watts per person.
  • Reduction in CO₂ emissions to 1 tonne per person, per year.
  • Promotion of renewable energy and energy efficiency.
  • Halt to new investments in nuclear power.

Our contribution to the 2000-watt society
  • We are investing in the expansion and promotion of renewable energy and the sustainable reduction of CO₂ emissions.
  • We develop intelligent energy solutions and rely on alternative energy sources to supply properties with green energy.
  • Our renaturation projects contribute to an intact environment and sustainable development for our city.
  • We support research in the fields of energy efficiency and renewable energy.
  • We advise private and business customers on energy issues.

How we reward your commitment to the 2000-watt society

In line with the 2000-watt targets, we’ll support you with financial subsidies for implementing energy-saving measures.

What do we subsidise?

  • Plants that generate electricity from renewable energy sources
  • Efficient electrical systems and devices
  • Electricity-saving measures
  • Plants that contribute to the reduction of greenhouse gases
  • Analysis of potential electricity savings
  • Research and development work on rational generation and use of electricity, and phasing out of fossil fuel sources
  • Education and awareness-raising

Who can benefit from subsidies?

Private individuals, companies and institutions are eligible for subsidies, provided they implement the measure in the ewz supply area, i.e. in the city of Zurich or in one of the eligible locations in the canton of the Grisons.

ZurichCity of Zurich
DomleschgAlmens, Feldis, Fürstenau, Fürstenaubruck, Paspels, Pratval, Rodels, Rothenbrunnen, Scharans, Scheid, Trans, Tumegl/Tomils
HeinzenbergCazis, Dalin, Flerden, Masein, Portein, Präz, Sarn, Summaprada, Tartar, Tschappina, Urmein
RheintalSays, Trimmis, Untervaz
AlbulatalLantsch/Lenz, Mutten
OberhalbsteinBivio, Cunter, Marmorera, Mulegns, Parsonz, Riom, Rona, Salouf, Savognin, Sur, Tinizong
RheinwaldMedels, Nufenen
BregagliaBondo, Borgonovo, Casaccia, Castasegna, Maloja, Promontogno, Stampa,  Soglio, Vicosoprano

Important: please submit the application form for your plants or energy network at least five weeks before construction begins.

Other funding programmes

We promote careful use of our energy resources with a range of other funding programmes and energy saving tips.


How 2000-watt targets change our day-to-day life
Compared to the rest of Switzerland, electricity consumption in the city of Zurich is low. But are we doing enough to fulfil 2000-watt targets? One thing is certain: only political commitment and personal action will bring us closer to this goal.
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