Our sample bill – clear and simple

Our interactive sample bill shows you in a clear and simple way how your bill is put together. We explain the individual items on the bill and answer key questions.

Information about the consumption data on your bill

Our new bill layout now shows you your pure consumption data. Meter readings are no longer printed.

The new bill layout focusses on the consumption data to make it clearer and easier for you to understand.

We also began a comprehensive switch to smart meter systems in 2021, and have therefore designed our new bill with these new devices in mind.

As soon as your current electricity meter is replaced with a smart meter, you’ll enjoy a range of benefits relating to your consumption data. Find out more about the new meter systems here

Electronic billing

Other payment methods

Direct debit

With direct debit via your bank or PostFinance, we automatically debit your account on the due date by the amount due on your bill. You have 30 days to let us know about any possible errors.

For your bank:

Complete the direct debit form, sign it and send it to your bank.

For PostFinance:

Complete the DD form and send it to the following address:

PostFinance AG
Scan Center
3002 Bern, Switzerland

Frequently asked questions

A payment reminder doesn’t cost anything. Just pay the bill by the date indicated. If you don’t do this, you’ll be sent an overdue notice and will then have to pay fees. Don’t forget, you can pay quickly and easily via eBill (in German).

You can view and manage your bills in the My ewz (in German) customer portal. Do you have any questions about your bill? Then please call us on: +41 58 319 47 00.

Are there now more people living in your household? Are you using more devices? Or are you doing more washing than before? Also, older electrical appliances or fridges use more electricity. That could be 20 per cent more over a year. Factor in this additional consumption. Click here to go to our energy-saving tips.

Pay your bills via our E-Invoice service (B2B). You’ll then receive all of your bills electronically, sent directly to your ERP system. You’ll no longer need to enter your bills manually, which will save you time and money. Give us a call on +41 58 319 46 00.

  • Via mobile banking
    Please open the banking app on your smartphone. Use the QR reader to scan the Swiss QR code and trigger the payment. If scanning doesn’t work, the QR IBAN or QR reference can be typed in manually.
  • Via e-banking
    Open your e-banking. The Swiss QR code can either be read using a QR reader or scanned by your PC camera (if possible). If scanning doesn’t work, the QR IBAN or QR reference can be typed in manually.
  • At the post office counter or by payment order to your bank
    The QR payment slip can still be sent to the bank via a post office counter, at a partner branch or by payment order in an envelope.