Rising prices, resource scarcity, impact on the climate and the environment – there are many reasons to use energy more economically and efficiently. We’ll show you how to save energy while conserving resources and your budget.

Telephone number
+41 58 319 26 88

Please contact Energy Coaching (in German) for advice on buildings in the city of Zurich.

How you can benefit


We provide you with important information on the building envelope, building services, heating system replacement and subsidies.


You will receive a cantonal building energy certificate (GEAK), as well as the advisory report (GEAK Plus).

Development grants

You benefit from our support in applying for subsidies.

Solar potential

You’ll discover your solar potential, and how effective a PV system or solar panels would be for your building.

Energy policy requirements

You’ll get up to speed with energy policy requirements, and what you need to do to fulfil them.

GEAK and GEAK Plus: What you should know

A direct comparison between buildings can be highly beneficial when it comes to evaluating purchase and rental offers or modernisation plans. The GEAK energy label and the GEAK Plus advisory report allow you to make this kind of comparison.

GEAK is the official cantonal energy label, and the four-page GEAK document indicates the energy class of the building envelope and services on a scale from A to G. 

GEAK Plus is the advisory report produced by GEAK experts, an extension of the basic GEAK product. GEAK Plus presents you with three possible options for energy modernisation. 

For more information, go to geak.ch (in German).

Save energy at home
With just a few adjustments and changes in your consumption behaviour, you can achieve real savings on heating and electricity in your household.
Reduce energy costs

Development grants
We will support your commitment to efficient energy use with subsidies in line with 2000-watt targets.
Use subsidies

Frequently asked questions

There are plenty of ways you can save energy in your daily life or in your home, which means you’ll save money too. Use energy efficiently. You can find out more in our energy-saving tips and under in-home energy audit. Or you can get advice by phone or in person at the ewz customer centre.

The personal ewz customer advisors are there to help business customers.


Electricity is cheaper at night and on Sundays. For example, you could do your washing and drying during off-peak hours. This will help you save money. Peak tariff: Monday to Saturday, 6 am to 10 pm. Off-peak tariff: all other times. Click here to go to our energy-saving tips.