Those who drive electric vehicles are making a significant contribution to the preservation of our environment and setting an example in terms of increased sustainability in our daily lives.

With our ewz mobil app you can

  • charge your electric vehicle conveniently at home using the charging station in your underground car park
  • charge on the go using the most  extensive charging network in Switzerland and at 40,000 European charging stations

Other benefits of ewz mobil

  • Billing by credit card
  • Simple changes to your profile details
  • Clear presentation of the current and previous billing period, as well as downtime
  • Map of all charging stations in Switzerland and in Europe
  • If you lose your charging card, you can block it yourself immediately and apply for a new one at the same time
Telephone number
+41 58 319 47 67

Here’s how to create your ewz mobil account
  1. Download the ewz mobil app (iOS App Store and Google Play Store) (in German)
  2. Register via the app (or via your browser) (in German)
  3. Enter your personal charging station number (can also be added later if necessary)
  4. Enter and save your credit card details

You’ll receive your charging card within one working week, and will be billed by (in German).

How to link your charging station to your ewz mobile account
  1. Make sure that you’ve registered with ewz mobil
  2. Please enter the five-digit number from the sticker on your charging station
  3. Enter your email address and mobile number

As soon as you receive confirmation by email, your charging station will be activated (within one working week).

‘My charging station’ costs

These prices are for home charging for the ‘My charging station’ product  and only apply to charging stations operated by ewz. You’ll find prices for public charging here.

Basic fee for charging station

  • CHF 9.90 per month incl. VAT
  • Minimum contract period: none
  • Cancellation notice period: end of the following month

Charging price

  • At your personal charging station: varies by location and depending on the local grid operator. Examples according to the price information below, others available via the app or on request
  • On the go: individual billing for each charge as detailed by the local operator
in the ewz supply area
  • 2022: CHF 0.19/kWh incl. VAT
  • 2023: CHF 0.22/kWh incl. VAT (econatur, standard product), CHF 0.25/kWh incl. VAT (pronatur, special product)     
in the EKZ supply area
  • 2022: CHF 0.17/kWh incl. VAT
  • 2023: CHF 0.24/kWh incl. VAT

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Frequently asked questions

Charging on the go

With ewz mobil, you pay for the energy purchased from the operator of the charging station. The relevant energy price can be seen at the charging stations as well as in our ewz mobil app. You’ll receive your monthly bill directly from our specialist partner Swisscharge. The cost will be charged to your credit card.

The price for charging an electric vehicle comprises (dependent of the operator) up to three components that can also be combined:

Starting fee:

One-off fee for starting the charging process.

Consumption-based billing:

Individual price per kWh of energy purchased.

Time-based billing:

Based on the connection time at the charging station. Costs are no longer incurred once your electric vehicle is disconnected from the charging station.

Charging at home

The cost of charging at home includes a monthly basic fee of CHF 9.90 (incl. VAT) plus the cost of the energy consumption. In the city of Zurich, the energy cost is CHF 0.19/kWh incl. VAT. You will find prices for other locations here.

The prices are based on the applicable tariffs for the respective supplier. These include energy costs, grid usage and municipal levies. All of these components will differ depending on the supply area and will result in different prices.

You can cancel your ewz mobil subscription at any time to the end of the following month via our contact form. Please note that your cancellation only applies to our services and not to your parking space.

Charging at home


+41 58 319 47 67 (then option 2) 

Contact form

‘My charging station’ enquiry

Charging on the go

Please use the contact details for the local operator at public charging stations.