You can charge your electric car here with renewable electricity from ewz, then pay easily by card

And with 30 charging stations soon available in Zurich, you’ll never have to go far to charge your vehicle. For longer journeys, you benefit from a huge network of charging stations in Switzerland and throughout Europe.

What do you need to know for charging?

  • Our fast-charging stations are best suited to vehicles with a charging capacity from AC 22 kW and DC 50 kW and up
  • The optimal charge utilisation rate should be between 20% and 80%, to protect the vehicle’s battery.
  • Charging spaces are not parking spaces. Please don’t park in charging spaces if you’re not charging your vehicle. Since we charge by time, this will save you money and allow the next vehicle to charge faster.

What does it cost to charge with ewz?

We charge by kWh as well as a time-based tariff. Charging stations should be used only for charging and should be vacated once this is complete. Only once a vehicle is disconnected from a charging station can no further costs be incurred.

Charging capacityCost kWhTariff per minute
AC 22 kWCHF 0.45First two hours no time-based tariff, after this CHF 0.15
DC 50 kWCHF 0.55First hour no time-based tariff, after this CHF 0.15

What does it cost to charge at public charging stations run by other providers?

Network              Prices ACPrices DC
MOVECHF 0.38/kWh
+ 0–22 kW, CHF 1.42/hour
+ 22–43 kW, CHF 4.26/hour  
+ CHF 4.20/hour
Plug’n RollCHF 1.78/charge + 0.73/kWhCHF 1.78/charge + 0.78/kWh  
evpassCHF 0.69/kWhCHF 0.69/kWh
eCarUpCHF 0.54/kWhCHF 0.54/kWh
ENIWACHF 1.29/h + 0.30/kWhCHF 6.00/h + 0.30/kWh
IONITYEUR 0.79/kWhEUR 0.79/kWh
Updated August 2021. Up-to-date prices can be found in our ewz mobil app. Please always check the app for current prices before charging with a charging card.

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The difference you can make with renewable electricity
By using renewable electricity you’re making an important contribution towards replacing nuclear energy.
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Frequently asked questions

Charging on the go

With ewz mobil, you pay for the energy purchased from the operator of the charging station. The relevant energy price can be seen at the charging stations as well as in our ewz mobil app. You’ll receive your monthly bill directly from our specialist partner Swisscharge. The cost will be charged to your credit card.

The price for charging an electric vehicle comprises (dependent of the operator) up to three components that can also be combined:

Starting fee:

One-off fee for starting the charging process.

Consumption-based billing:

Individual price per kWh of energy purchased.

Time-based billing:

Based on the connection time at the charging station. Costs are no longer incurred once your electric vehicle is disconnected from the charging station.

Charging at home

The cost of charging at home includes a monthly basic fee of CHF 9.90 (incl. VAT) plus the cost of the energy consumption. In the city of Zurich, the energy cost is CHF 0.19/kWh incl. VAT. You will find prices for other locations here.

The prices are based on the applicable tariffs for the respective supplier. These include energy costs, grid usage and municipal levies. All of these components will differ depending on the supply area and will result in different prices.

Charging at home


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‘My charging station’ enquiry

Charging on the go

Please use the contact details for the local operator at public charging stations.

You can cancel your ewz mobil subscription at any time to the end of the following month via our contact form. Please note that your cancellation only applies to our services and not to your parking space.