2000-watt contributions

We support your commitment to efficient energy use and the promotion of renewable energies with subsidies in line with 2000-watt targets.

Get support:

  • Solar power systems (photovoltaic)
  • Heat pumps
  • Thermal solar collectors
  • Energy saving measures
  • Charging infrastructure for electromobility


Zurich advice
Telephone number
+41 58 319 47 11
Grisons advice
Telephone number
+41 58 319 68 68

Efficiency bonus

Whether you’re aiming to meet the requirements of cantonal law for wholesale electricity or the federal Energy and CO2 Law, or you want to save energy on a voluntary basis, we can help you achieve your efficiency targets.


  • Consumption locations are in the ewz supply area in the city of Zurich or Grisons, or in the municipalities in Grisons that are eligible for benefits with a rate that is applicable for a total purchase of more than 60,000 kWh per year. If you conclude and implement a target agreement, you benefit from an efficiency bonus of CHF 0.013 per kWh of purchased active energy.
  • The target agreement contains a target path. This is where you define how you would like to increase your energy efficiency or reduce your relative energy consumption. The term of these agreements is generally 10 years. To stay on the target path, you must implement the agreed measures within this time period.


EcoGastro certifies and promotes commercial kitchen appliances that are equipped with technological features that require lower energy consumption than other appliances on the market. Proof of efficiency is provided through measurements.

Click here (in German) for an overview of the appliances.

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Subsidies are provided by ewz as a public service on behalf of the city of Zurich, and for which ewz raises a surcharge on the grid usage fee in accordance with the Electricity Supply Act.

Subsidies for energy-efficient household appliances
Together with Topten, we are committed to the sustainable use of resources. When you purchase an energy-efficient household appliance, you benefit from a subsidy.
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