Our modular energy system lets you harness the power of the sun to produce your own electricity. You’ll be conserving natural resources and making an important contribution to a better environment.

Cost savings

Solar power from your own roof is more cost-effective than electricity from the public grid.

Electricity feed-in

Generate income by feeding solar power into the grid and marketing the environmental added value.

Increased value

Energy-related building improvements considerably increase the value of your property.

Tax advantages

In many cantons, energy-saving measures in existing buildings are tax-deductible.

Market your environmentally valuable solar power

Since 1 January 2023, in addition to physical feed-in, we offer the option of selling the environmental added value of your solar power to ewz as a guarantee of origin.

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Modular energy system tailored to your requirements
  • Solar panel installation (main module)
    Cover up to 80% of your power requirements with electricity you produce yourself.
  • Energy monitoring system
    Keep an eye on your power production at all times and optimise your consumption.
  • Battery storage system
    Store the solar power you generate for greater independence from the electricity grid.
  • Charging station
    Charge your electric vehicle with solar power you produce yourself – the ultimate in sustainability.

Your solar panel installation in three steps
  1. Calculate the potential of your roof area with our solar panel calculator (in German)
  2. Our experts will be happy to pay you a visit and offer advice.
  3. We’ll take care of everything else – planning, subsidy applications, building applications, installation and commissioning of your own solar panel installation.

Plug & Play solar panels

With a Plug & Play solar panel for your balcony, you can easily produce your own solar power and use it right there in your home. As an ewz customer, we provide a subsidy of up to CHF 400 to support you. 

You do not need a permit for the Plug & Play solar installation, but you must register the system with us. Please complete the registration form and upload the declaration of conformity as a photo or PDF. You will find further information, a guide and FAQs at Topten.

Solar energy fact check
Too expensive, inefficient and resource-intensive? We reveal the truth behind the eight most common preconceptions about solar energy.
To the fact check (in German)

How to access subsidies
In line with the city of Zurich’s 2000-watt targets, we’ll support your investment in a solar panel installation with subsidies.
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Battery storage systems for greater independence
You can considerably increase your rate of self-consumption with a battery storage system.

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Make efficient use of your solar power
Keep an eye on your power generation at all times and optimise your consumption.
Manage energy

Frequently asked questions

In many cantons, you can deduct the cost of installing solar panels on existing buildings. The investment cost can also be carried forward to the next two tax periods if it hasn’t been possible to take these expenses fully into account for tax purposes in the year in which they were incurred. We recommend that you clarify the details with your tax office.

If you move away, you can invoke your take-back guarantee. We’ll then buy back your share of electricity. Alternatively, you can transfer your solar power supply to another customer. Let us know about your move, then we’ll discuss with you what you need to do.

Use our solar panel calculator (in German) to find out whether the roof of your building is suitable for a solar power/photovoltaic system.