In beautiful Bregaglia, at 2,165 metres above sea level, we built the first high-alpine solar power plant in Switzerland on the Albigna dam. The second high-alpine plant is now being installed at the Lago di Lei in Ferrera. It will offer better utilisation and greater efficiency because of its cold location. ewz.solargrischun enables you to invest in these solar power systems and get a fixed quantity of solar power in return for every square metre purchased – for 20 years. You'll also be helping to protect the climate and the environment.

Good reasons to get involved

Active contribution

You'll get electricity from a plant that protects the environment and climate and doesn’t generate radioactive waste or present any nuclear risks. You'll also be playing an active role in the energy transition.

Benefit for 20 years

For a one-off payment of CHF 560 per 1 m² of solar panels, you will get 180 kWh of electricity for 20 years. The smallest sales unit is 0.5 m², the largest is 5 m² The solar power will be credited to your electricity bill.

Stable price

The price stability offered over 20 years will give you security and reduce the size of your electricity bill for the long term.

Guaranteed return

No problem: if you move away from the ewz supply area, we'll buy your solar panels back at no loss to you. 

More efficient thanks to the albedo effect

Installing a photovoltaic system in the Alpine region was a daring move. However, as the results of a pilot project in May 2018 exceeded expectations, the decision was made to build the first high-alpine solar power plant on the Albigna dam. Once completed, the plant will generate around 500 megawatt hours of solar power per year. That's an increase in yield of 25% in comparison to a plant of the same size in the lowlands. This is due to the better solar radiation, the cooler temperatures and the reflection of the solar energy by the water in the Albigna lake, as well as the snow that often remains at this altitude until the summer. This phenomenon is known as the "albedo effect". In climatology, it's considered to be partly responsible for global warming. 

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Make a one-off payment of CHF 560 per square metre and get 20 years of solar power.

Climb up to the Albigna dam with us

The first high-alpine solar power plant in Switzerland will have 1,280 solar panels and generate 500 megawatt hours of solar power per year. That will enable 210 households to be supplied with sustainably produced electricity.

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Frequently asked questions

You receive the right to purchase solar electricity from a new modern solar power plant in the canton of Graubünden. You can purchase virtual square metres. Each square metre entitles you to a fixed purchase of 180 kWh of solar electricity per year for a period of 20 years. The amount of kWh purchased is listed and credited on the electricity bill at the theoretical energy price of 15.56 Rp/kWh. The amount of energy to be paid is reduced according to your purchased square metres.

Private households and SMEs in the city of Zurich and in the municipalities of Feldis/Veulden, Rothenbrunnen, Trans, Cazis, Fürstenau, Pratval, Rodels, Almens, Paspels, Tumegl, Scheid, Summaprada, Tartar, Portein, Sarn, Dallin, Präz, Masein, Flerden, Umrein, Tschappina, Mutten & Tiefencastel in the canton of Graubünden with an annual electricity consumption of less than 100 MWh.

No, there is no maximum number of square metres with which you can participate. However, it must be possible to deduct the purchased amount of solar electricity from the amount purchased. Should you exceptionally consume less electricity in total during a billing cycle than the entitlement to credit from ewz.solargrischun during the billing cycle, the excess amount will be forfeited. If the electricity consumption is permanently lower than the entitlement to credit from ewz.solargrischun, ewz will buy back the excess shares on request (full square metres only).