Is your property located in the Zurich urban area but you’re not yet connected to the fibre-optic network? Then request connection to the fibre-optic network with the request form shown here.

If you’d like to replace your existing fibre-optic connection or request an expansion, please use the request form for a change to your existing fibre-optic connection.

Once we’ve reviewed your request and granted approval, you can arrange for the cable installation. Note: These installations may only be carried out by our certified installation partners. These are the only companies that have the necessary information and tools required to carry out this work properly.

New regulations as of 2020

In cooperation with Swisscom, we operate a modern, powerful fibre-optic network in the city of Zurich. In this way, we’re meeting the growing demand for fast data transfer capacities and enabling the residents of the city of Zurich to utilise powerful communication solutions.

For new and replacement buildings in the city of Zurich that are ready for occupation on or after 1 January 2020, please contact ewz in order to connect the building to the fibre-optic network. For conversions and renovations, you must contact the initial installer of the fibre-optic infrastructure (Swisscom or ewz).

This change does not affect the end customer. All services can still be requested by the service providers available on the fibre-optic network, regardless of whether it was connected by ewz or Swisscom.

As a property owner, you can choose one of two connection options:

  • ‘Do-it-yourself’: You can implement the necessary construction measures on your private property independently and at your own expense.
  • Installation by ewz: you can have ewz carry out all necessary construction measures on your private property for a flat fee. 

The costs for both options are outlined in the Regulations on FTTH connection fees (in German).

Cabling by certified installation partners
Our certified installation partners are here to help you with cabling. You can choose from our list of certified partners and can commission the work right after receiving approval from ewz.
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