The new digital energy consumption metering with smart meters is becoming a reality. In the period from 2021 to 2027, we’ll be replacing all traditional electricity meters in the city of Zurich and the Grisons distribution grid with digital smart meters free of charge. That amounts to around 30,000 to 40,000 meters per year. By replacing the electricity meters, we are implementing the legal requirements set out in the Electricity Supply Act as part of the Swiss government’s 2050 Energy Strategy to create an intelligent distribution grid.

What are the benefits of a smart meter in comparison to traditional electricity meters?

Electricity consumption at a glance

As a private customer, you always have an overview of your current power consumption in ‘My ewz’ (in German). This real-time insight enables you to optimise your consumption and thereby save energy and money.

Electricity bill to a specific date

You'll no longer make payments on account, and will only pay for your actual consumption. If you move house, for example, it means you can get a bill to that specific date.

Transmit consumption data automatically

No one will need to come by to read your meter, because your consumption data will be transmitted automatically.

When will your smart meter be installed?

We'll notify you about the date for changing your meter in good time by letter or email. In most cases, you don’t need to be there. If we do need you to be present, we'll let you know in advance.

It's possible that your power will need to be switched off for around half an hour while the meter is being changed. This is a safety precaution to protect the electricians. This information sheet (in German) tells you what you need to do when there is a power outage.

Our service providers will adhere to the applicable hygiene rules relating to the coronavirus and the ewz code of conduct while in your home.

My consumption data

You're a private customer

You can view your smart meter consumption data in the ‘My ewz’ (in German) customer portal at any time. To do this, you'll need access to ‘My account’ (in German) with the city of Zurich and your ewz customer number. You can find this on your ewz electricity bill, for example.

Reload page

Once you've registered, if you can’t see the link to your consumption or an error message appears, please reload the page after a few minutes. Thank you for your understanding.

You're a business customer

Please contact us by email at if ...

… we're allowed to set up separate access to the smart meter portal for business customers for you for the first time. To do this, please provide us with your customer data, including a list of the data you'd like to view (addresses or meter points).

… or you're already a registered business customer and have other questions.

Data protection

We comply with the data protection guidelines relating to smart meters that are set out in Art. 8d(2) of the Electricity Supply Act . The components of a smart meter system (hardware and software) have to meet strict data security requirements. The Swiss Federal Institute of Metrology METAS checks compliance and confirms this via certification.

Data transfer to third parties

In accordance with Art. 8d(2) Electricity Supply Act , without the data subject’s consent, smart meter data may only be shared with certain authorised stakeholders in pseudonymised or suitably aggregated form. The intended uses are regulated in Art. 8(3) Electricity Supply Act .

If none of the intended uses apply according to Art. 8(3) Electricity Supply Act , the data may only be shared with the consent of the ewz customer.

Pseudonymisation is a mechanism that prevents personal data from being linked to a specific person without the use of additional information. Pseudonymised data is still personal data that is subject to data protection law.

Our meters

Technical details

As part of a free tender, smart meter types eRS301 and eRS801 by the company Ensor in Cham were chosen. The smart meter software comes from the company Netinium, based in the Netherlands. The company Semax, also located in Cham, was chosen as the system integrator.

Our meters go through a complex certification process conducted by the Swiss Federal Institute of Metrology METAS and therefore meet the highest possible standards.

Meters by other providers may, however, be added during the course of the rollout.

Smart meter system

Communication between the smart meters and ewz is encrypted to ensure data security. We use the ewz.zürinet fibre optic network to communicate with the meters, and do not use any devices that cause high levels of interference or radiation to communicate with the meters. If a fibre optic connection (ewz.zürinet) is not possible, a wireless or ADSL communication solution is used.

The smart meter system has various components:

The smart meters are responsible for recording the energy consumption. A communication module is used to transmit the data to us from the meters. This connects the smart meter to the ewz.zürinet fibre optic network via a fibre optic socket. The meter readings are received by a software system, encrypted and provided for billing purposes.

Smart meter technical details
Smart meter hardware components

Frequently asked questions

All Swiss suppliers of energy are legally obliged to replace at least 80 per cent of traditional electricity meters with smart meter systems by 2027. This is based on the Electricity Supply Act 734.1, Art. 17a (ESA) (in German)  and the Electricity Supply Ordinance 734.71, Art 8a(1) (ESO) (in German), which were adopted in Switzerland on 21 May 2017 as part of the Energy Strategy 2050.

No. Data transfer is an important function offered by smart meters, but data is only sent once a day in encrypted, pseudonymised form. This means that only the number of your smart meter and the current consumption values are transmitted. The intended use of the electricity consumption data is also defined in the ESO.

We fully comply with the strict data protection requirements. It’s therefore not possible to tell from the consumption data which activities residents are undertaking.

No. Your smart meter transmits the consumption data via the ewz.zürinet. This does not produce any extra radiation. If a connection to ewz.zürinet is not possible, a wireless or ADSL communication solution with low radiation is used. 

Here is a PDF containing a detailed list of questions and answers (in German) about the introduction of smart meters.