The right energy in the right place

Regardless of the complexity, the technology used or the type and size of your property, we will find the optimal solution for you.

In order to ensure reliable, economical and climate-friendly operation of your energy solution, you will receive professional guidance and support from our specialists throughout the entire life cycle of your property.

With our energy solutions, you can guarantee maximum security of supply, top energy efficiency and cost-effectiveness. By using renewable energies, you play an active role in improving the carbon footprint of your property – and thus in protecting the climate and the environment.

Performance overview diagram for energy solutions

A strong partner throughout the life cycle

We lower the life cycle costs of your properties

A professionally designed energy supply set-up can have an effect on life cycle costs at an early stage. These can later be reduced further through efficient operation.

Property lifecycle diagram

We offer predictable energy costs in the long term

You pay for the volume of energy purchased and the output power. We rectify faults and carry out repairs at no cost.

We reduce the investment and operating risks

In order to fully cover your expectations and requirements, we offer a variety of financing models. You decide whether to bear the costs of developing, planning and building your new energy solution yourself, share it with us, or if we should assume the financial and technical risks in full.

Use of environmentally friendly energy sources

We rely systematically on local, environmentally friendly energy sources and use them in combination with tried-and-tested and innovative technologies from leading manufacturers.

We check the availability and combination of existing energy sources, based on your energy requirements and environmental goals as well as the utilities required. Whether for new-build or renovation projects, complex requirements for complexes/neighbourhoods, office/commercial properties or special properties such as stadiums or hospitals: we actively involve all stakeholders and work with you to define the ideal solution.

Environmentally friendly energy sources diagram

Our experience – your gain

Leading the Swiss market

With over 1,500 successfully implemented projects and energy networks throughout Switzerland, we have comprehensive, well-founded expertise. You can also benefit from our strong network of proven experts.

Reliable and rooted in the local region

We’re a Swiss company with locations in Zurich, Grisons and Vaud. Thanks to regional operating teams and 24/7 remote systems monitoring, we guarantee maximum security of supply and short response times.

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Responsibility and quality

Our commitment is widely recognised:

  • Swiss Federal Office of Energy (SFOE): ‘Most sustainable energy service provider in Switzerland’
  • EcoVadis: ‘Gold medal for sustainability services’ in 2020, for the fifth year in a row
  • SunTechnics Fabrisolar: our subsidiary has won several Swiss and European solar awards
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