Working in partnership with the Strüby companies, we have developed an integrated, holistic energy infrastructure solution for the Fischermätteli site that meets stringent requirements in terms of cost-effectiveness and the environment. Financing this means that we are also assuming the investment and operating risk for the majority of the energy systems. The Strüby companies are acting as both the client and a full-service provider (project development, architecture, engineering, production, realisation, customer service) and are responsible for selling the properties.

Added value from a comprehensive energy infrastructure solution

The targeted networking and combination of individual system components and services enables us to create environmental and economic added value throughout the entire life cycle of the real estate.

Graphic: Fischermätteli site, Bern

Wood pellets from the local region

The ten residential buildings with a total of 169 apartments and the community centre are connected to a site heating network. At the heart of the heat supply is the heating plant with an output of 550 kW. Wood pellets from the local region are used as the energy source. We finance and implement the central heating plant and the pipes that distribute heat to the buildings. The client, on the other hand, builds the installations for the hot water and for the fine distribution of heat within the buildings. Given the geological conditions at the site, we ruled out the option of installing a heat pump in favour of the wood-fired heating system.

100% renewable electricity

In addition to heat, we also supply the seven freehold buildings and the site owners with electricity. As the Minergie-A construction standard requires 100 per cent renewable electricity coverage, a photovoltaic system with high-performance monocrystalline modules has been installed on each of the ten rooftops. When completed, they will have an output of 722 kWp. The challenge was to achieve the required solar power yield while still having sufficient space on the roofs for the maintenance and servicing of the photovoltaic modules. Around 3,200 m² of photovoltaic modules are installed on the site. If there is overproduction because not all of the electricity can be fed into the grid, production can be curtailed.

Self-consumption association

To ensure that as much electricity as possible that we generate on-site can be used to meet our own needs, we have set up a self-consumption association (ZEV) for the 169 owners. In this way, households benefit from cheap, locally produced solar power. This win-win situation makes the ZEV an important tool for improving the profitability of solar panel installations. As a full-service provider, we take on the planning, implementation and management of the ZEV, purchase additional renewable electricity if necessary and sell our own solar power in the event of overproduction. We also ensure optimal energy management across the entire site with the aim of optimising self-consumption.

E-mobility charging stations

Our energy management system provides optimal control of production and consumption so that production can be as demand-driven as possible. This takes into account the increasing demand for electric vehicles. If the vehicle is charged at the same time as the PV system’s power generation, there are two benefits. On the one hand, it increases self-consumption of solar energy and, on the other, it enables electric vehicles to be driven using solar power. Five semi-public e-mobility charging stations are available on site. Apartment owners also have the option of having us equip their private parking space with a charging station. The electricity consumed is billed directly via the household electricity bill using contactless smart cards. The infrastructure intelligently distributes the available energy to all of the vehicles needing to be charged.

Multimedia service charge statement

Each month, the 169 ZEV participants receive an individual multimedia service charge statement based on their consumption. In addition to electricity for their home, this also includes power for their electric car charging station and the communal areas (own solar power and electricity from the grid), as well as heat for heating and hot water. We also bill water consumption and waste water individually. Around 800 meters are installed on site to record consumption. Customers receive a clear monthly bill based on consumption for all measurable media, which significantly minimises administration costs. The data is also displayed for owners visually on an online platform and this also serves as a basis to optimise operations.

Optimal and safe supply

Once commissioned, our specialists ensure the operation and maintenance of the technical systems (HVAC) for more than 20 years. Availability is ensured via remote monitoring and our 24/7 on-call service. Using our energy monitoring system, key economic and environmental figures can be derived from regular reports and further potential for increasing efficiency can be evaluated.

Fischermätteli achieves a perfect combination of energy independence, a healthy indoor climate and construction ecology.

Fischermätteli achieves a perfect combination of energy independence, a healthy indoor climate and construction ecology.

Bruno Kälin

Bruno Kälin

Head of Marketing, Member of the Management Team at Strüby Konzept AG

Mr Kälin, the Fischermätteli district will be the largest complex in Switzerland to achieve the Minergie-A ECO standard, and will be built from Swiss timber. How did this come about?

‘We’ve had very positive experiences with the Minergie-A standard in our previous projects. This project has additionally implemented the Minergie ECO standard to ensure healthy and environmentally friendly building techniques. We’re using Swiss timber from spruces and silver firs. Timber is a perfect match for our requirements in terms of environmental friendliness and sustainability. It’s available locally, grows back, is carbon-neutral, creates jobs in the region, and provides a pleasant and healthy indoor climate.’

When it came to the energy solution, you opted for ewz. Why?

‘In our invitation to tender, we were seeking an experienced partner for the planning, financing, implementation and operation of a sustainable energy supply. ewz offers all of this from a single source and is highly experienced in the implementation of intelligently combined energy solutions. Working in partnership, we developed a climate-friendly and cost-effective solution.’

ewz services in the project
  • Planning, implementation, financing
  • Heating solution using wood pellets
  • Photovoltaic solution with ZEV
  • E-mobility solution
  • Monitoring and billing
  • Operation of the energy systems

The project in figures
  • 550 kW heat output
  • 722 kWp PV output for self-consumption
  • 800 meters for an intelligent billing solution
  • 36 e-mobility charging stations
  • 100% carbon-neutral
Catherine Martin-Robert

Catherine Martin-Robert

Project Manager

Telephone number
+41 58 319 26 90

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