The market share for electric vehicles is growing rapidly – time to gear up. The modular charging solution from ewz will prepare you for the future. This intelligent complete solution includes basic infrastructure and networked charging stations for the required number of parking spaces. Additional parking spaces can easily be added later.


You can add more EV parking spaces easily, quickly and affordably at any time.


Thanks to smart load management and direct integration into our system landscape, you’re well prepared for the future.


With our billing solution, your tenants pay for precisely the electricity they consume. 

Enhancing value

Charging infrastructure for electric vehicles adds to the value of your property, because living concepts that use sustainable energy are highly sought after.

Pollution-free driving, cost-effective charging

Benefit now from our attractive electricity tariffs for  electromobility.

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Load management made simple

Load management regulates the output of all connected charging points. The grid connection is worked to optimal capacity and the maximum current set by the building connection is not exceeded.

Static load management

Static load management uses load profile measurement to determine the maximum amount of power available to charging stations. This maximum limit cannot be exceeded during charging.

Dynamic load management

With dynamic load management, the margin between the current and maximum electricity consumption is always available to charging stations. At night, less electricity is being used in homes, so there’s more left over for charging stations.

Everything from a single source
– Full-service package for planning, construction and operation
– Billing service
– Access management

Take advantage of subsidies
Electromobility is good for the environment. That’s why we support you in line with the 2000-watt targets with subsidies for charging stations that use renewable electricity.
Benefit now

We’re already mobilising electric vehicles here