The three most frequently asked questions

Your customer number can be found at the top right of your bill, on your welcome letter or under ‘My bills’ in the My ewz  (in German) customer portal.

Please notify us about your move at least 10 days before you hand over the keys, otherwise you’ll have to keep paying for the electricity up to the next meter reading.

We advertise all vacancies online. Have you found a suitable job? Then please submit an electronic application straight away.


If you notify us about your move, we can read the meter on the date you move out. That way, no one will be able to use electricity at your expense after you’ve moved.

Please let us know about your move at least 10 days before you hand over the keys, otherwise you’ll have to keep paying for the electricity up to the next meter reading.

Your customer number can be found at the top right of your bill, on your welcome letter or under ‘My bills’ in the My ewz (in German) customer portal.

Yes, notify us about the sale 10 days before the transfer of ownership. On the date of the transfer of ownership, the Land Registry enters the new owners in the land register. Please tell us who the new owners are at the same time.

Please let us know about your move at least 10 days before you hand over the keys, otherwise you’ll have to keep paying for the electricity up to the next meter reading.

You’re an ewz customer. You can therefore register or cancel before you move. Please let us know about your move


Your customer number can be found at the top right of your bill or under ‘My bills’ in the My ewz (in German) customer portal. 

In this case, you didn’t notify us about your move in time. Please notify us about your move at least 10 days before you hand over the keys, then you’ll only pay for electricity up to the date you move out.

Are there now more people living in your household? Are you using more devices? Or are you doing more washing than before? Also, older electrical appliances or fridges use more electricity. That could be 20 per cent more over a year. Factor in this additional consumption. Click here to go to our energy-saving tips.

Phone us on +41 58 319 47 00 to find out about eBill (in German). Or switch to ewz.emailrechnung (in German) paperless billing by email. You can do this quickly and easily via the My ewz (in German) customer portal.

Log into your online banking service. Select ‘eBill’ (electronic billing) in the menu. Register to receive electronic bills in your online banking. It’ll just take a few steps. Learn more here (in German).

Pay your bills via our E-Invoice service (B2B). You’ll then receive all of your bills electronically, sent directly to your ERP system. You’ll no longer need to enter your bills manually, which will save you time and money. Give us a call on +41 58 319 46 00.

eBill (in German) means electronic bill. The bills are sent directly to your online banking. The benefit for you is that you no longer need to type in the long reference number. You just check and pay the bill. eBill saves you time, and means you won’t have to receive any more printed bills. You can of course also pay the amount by direct debit.

A payment reminder doesn’t cost anything. Just pay the bill by the date indicated. If you don’t do this, you’ll be sent an overdue notice and will then have to pay fees. Don’t forget, you can pay quickly and easily via eBill (in German).

You can view and manage your bills in the My ewz (in German) customer portal. Do you have any questions about your bill? Then please call us on: +41 58 319 47 00.

Without a smart meter

You’ll get three bills for payment on account every year. This means that you pay a set amount in advance. We read your meter once a year and you then receive your yearly bill. This shows how much electricity you'’ve used and how much you need to pay. If you’ve paid more on account than you needed to, then we’ll deduct this amount from your next bill.

With a smart meter

If you have a smart meter, you’ll receive four bills per year. We can read the smart meter remotely and this tells us how much electricity you’ve used. This means you’ll get an accurate bill straight away.

The new design is clearer than the previous one. We’ve also taken the new requirements into account in terms of discontinuing payment slips and introducing QR codes. 

No, no more than black and white printing. We use 100 per cent recycled paper and carbon-neutral printing. The most environmentally friendly and sustainable solution is to eliminate paper billing completely. We therefore recommend electronic billing via ‘eBill’. You can switch directly at

The changeover to the new design will be gradual. There may therefore be overlaps during the transitional phase.

  • Via mobile banking
    Please open the banking app on your smartphone. Use the QR reader to scan the Swiss QR code and trigger the payment. If scanning doesn’t work, the QR IBAN or QR reference can be typed in manually.
  • Via e-banking
    Open your e-banking. The Swiss QR code can either be read using a QR reader or scanned by your PC camera (if possible). If scanning doesn’t work, the QR IBAN or QR reference can be typed in manually.
  • At the post office counter or by payment order to your bank
    The QR payment slip can still be sent to the bank via a post office counter, at a partner branch or by payment order in an envelope.

If you’ve stored old payment details (orange or red payment slip), payment will no longer be executed after 30 September 2022. Please only use the QR IBAN and the QR reference for the bill concerned. If you’d prefer another payment method, then direct debit or eBill could be a good alternative for you.

You don’t need to do anything – nothing in your payment process will change.

Our Welcome Centre will be happy to help you. 

Phone: +41 58 319 47 00

My ewz

The city uses ‘My account’ as a central point for its municipal online services. This means you have one login for all municipal services. 

My ewz is available to all customers, even to different invoice recipients and administrators. Different invoice recipients can identify themselves as such by entering their address or selecting their company after entering a contract account. 

As a different invoice recipient, you will see your own company data after identification has been completed (provided there is a business relationship between you as an electricity customer and ewz) and the data of all ewz invoices sent to you or your company on behalf of third parties (provided they are
ewz customers).

The contract account number can be found in your ewz documents, e.g. on invoices at the top right.

If you have multiple contract accounts, you can enter any of them.

Here is our sample bill.

Please enter the address exactly as given in the recipient field, even if it contains an error. This is the only way we can compare it with our data and find matching addresses.  

Please also note that access is only possible from the start of a contract.

In order to meet increasing security requirements for sensitive data, one-time identification by post is necessary. This is the only way to ensure that you are clearly linked to this customer account.

To increase security when handling sensitive data, an access code is initially issued by post to an authorised signatory defined by you. Whether a person is to be granted administrative access is the responsibility of the publicly identifiable authorised signatories of this company.

After receiving the letter, the authorised signatory can either use the access code themselves or pass it on to the person making the application.

This identification by post is only required if an administrator has not yet been named in your customer account. If an administrator is already named in your customer account, this person will process your request directly in My ewz

Please contact us by phone or email at or +41 58 319 47 00. We will be happy to help you complete your registration.

Yes, with one login to My ewz, you can connect with multiple addresses or contract account numbers, regardless of whether the accounts are private or business. 

If you have registered as a different invoice recipient, you will automatically be shown all facilities that you have been tasked with managing. It is no longer necessary to connect to individual accounts.

Administrators will find the invitation dialogue under the ‘User management’ tile below the user list. It is sufficient to enter the email address used and the rights required (administrator/user) . 

The person you have invited must register for a My Account if they do not already have one. 

Administrators receive an email when an access request is made, and can approve or decline the person in the My ewz portal under the ‘User management’ tile in the list. 

Please contact our Customer Services on or +41 58 319 47 00 or contact your specified customer representative.

To be able to identify you as a different invoice recipient and thus provide you with easier access to all of your managed properties, you can identify yourself in two ways:

  • Enter your postal address as given in the recipient field on invoices
  • Enter the contract account number with the subsequent option to select your address

Different invoice recipients do not need to be invited or activated. My ewz allows users of a different invoice recipient to view all facilities that they have been tasked with managing. 

No. Users in management/administrative roles currently only see invoices and billed consumption data from facilities which they have been tasked with managing. 

There are various authorisations in the customer portal for My ewz.

As an administrator, you can manage the access of all users to your customer account here. You can process incoming access requests or invite additional people. You can make changes to your data.

As a user, you can view data but do not have the right to process it.

Fibre-optic network

In our online customer portal, click on what you need: internet, TV or phone. We’ll then suggest the optimal service provider for you.

Your service provider is responsible for your internet connection. Unfortunately, we’re unable to help you with this.

You’ll find all the necessary information and details about the process here.

You can check here whether your address has a fibre optic connection.

Please contact the owner or management of your building so that they can request us to connect the property, or we can arrange for the necessary work to be done at your apartment by our certified installation partner.

The term ‘utilisation unit’ refers to the total number of rooms that form a structural unit and have their own access, either from outside or from a shared area within the building (staircase), which are available to be used by one person or a group of people. The particular utilisation unit must therefore be separated from other utilisation units and general areas.

This means, for example, that apartments (which have at least a kitchen or kitchenette), single-family houses, offices*, clinics*, shops*, etc. are classed as utilisation units.

* Utilisation units that are used by corporations or partnerships, sole proprietorships, associations, foundations or public companies, etc.

Each main tenant in a utilisation unit is entitled to an OTO socket. The prerequisite is that all rooms are in permanent and not just temporary use.

The following examples are not utilisation units: basements, hobby rooms, storage rooms, craft rooms, technical rooms, server rooms*, communal areas, drying rooms, as well as lofts, laundry rooms, computer rooms, caretakers’ offices, garages and individual offices and shared offices, etc.

* Server rooms can be connected if they are located in the utilisation unit or it is guaranteed that they can be kept locked.

Electricity products

ewz.pronatur – certified green electricity from hydro, sun and wind power, produced in Switzerland. For every kilowatt hour, CHF 0.01 is invested in the naturemade star fund, which supports the renaturation of habitats.

ewz.natur – affordable green electricity from hydro, solar and wind power, produced 100 per cent in Switzerland and Europe by ewz.

ewz.econatur – green electricity from hydro and wind power produced in Switzerland and Europe.

Our recommendation is ewz.natur. You’ll receive pure green electricity from our own production facilities at a very attractive price. If you want to do more for the environment, choose ewz.pronatur.


You can change to an electricity product with a higher environmental value at any point. For example, from ewz.natur to ewz.pronatur. The change will apply immediately.


Do you want to change to an electricity product with a lower environmental value? For example, from ewz.pronatur to ewz.natur? Then please let us know no later than 20 days after you’ve received your yearly bill. The change will apply as soon as the new billing period begins. Do you get a bill every month? Then the change will apply from the next quarter, but only if you’ve told us that you want to change 30 days in advance.

Customer surveys have shown that there’s little interest in product combinations. For that reason, we don’t offer any combinations of ewz.pronatur, ewz.natur and ewz.econatur. However, ewz.solarzüri (in German) and ewz.solargrischun can still be combined with any products.

Europe has an integrated energy system with a highly interconnected high-voltage grid. In geographic terms, it’s essentially immaterial where a power plant feeds the electricity that it produces into the grid. The important thing is that throughout Europe, there’s enough electricity produced to meet demand at any given moment. To ensure a secure, sustainable power supply, it’s the volume of renewable energy produced that matters, rather than the production location. That’s why we’re constantly investing in renewable energies where there’s easy availability of natural resources for the technology in question, and where standards related to efficiency, environmental impact and acceptance of the investment can be fulfilled. These conditions are met by wind power in Germany, France, Norway and Sweden. More about green electricity.

Electricity cost calculator and potential savings

All medium-sized and larger business customers can benefit from the ewz efficiency bonus. However, they need to prove that they use energy economically.

Borrow an energy meter free of charge. Or let us check your building for energy leaks.

Would you like to produce electricity or heating from renewable sources or introduce electricity-saving measures? In line with the 2000-watt targets, we’ll provide you with financial support. Private individuals, companies and institutions are eligible for subsidies, provided they implement the measure in the ewz supply area, i.e. in the city of Zurich or in one of the eligible locations in the canton of the Grisons. More about the 2000-watt targets.

There are plenty of ways you can save energy in your daily life or in your home, which means you’ll save money too. Use energy efficiently. You can find out more in our energy-saving tips and under in-home energy audit. Or you can get advice by phone or in person at the ewz customer centre.

The personal ewz customer advisors are there to help business customers.


Enter your consumption and the relevant product in our online (in German)  electricity cost calculator. We’ll then calculate the cost for you. Find out more about our tariffs for Zurich and the Grisons

Business customers, please contact your personal ewz customer advisor.

Electricity is cheaper at night and on Sundays. For example, you could do your washing and drying during off-peak hours. This will help you save money. Peak tariff: Monday to Saturday, 6 am to 10 pm. Off-peak tariff: all other times. Click here to go to our energy-saving tips.

Smart meters

All Swiss suppliers of energy are legally obliged to replace at least 80 per cent of traditional electricity meters with smart meter systems by 2027. This is based on the Electricity Supply Act 734.1, Art. 17a (ESA) (in German)  and the Electricity Supply Ordinance 734.71, Art 8a(1) (ESO) (in German), which were adopted in Switzerland on 21 May 2017 as part of the Energy Strategy 2050.

No. Data transfer is an important function offered by smart meters, but data is only sent once a day in encrypted, pseudonymised form. This means that only the number of your smart meter and the current consumption values are transmitted. The intended use of the electricity consumption data is also defined in the ESO.

We fully comply with the strict data protection requirements. It’s therefore not possible to tell from the consumption data which activities residents are undertaking.

No. Your smart meter transmits the consumption data via the ewz.zürinet. This does not produce any extra radiation. If a connection to ewz.zürinet is not possible, a wireless or ADSL communication solution with low radiation is used. 

Unfortunately, we’re unable to accommodate individual customer requests when it comes to ordering smart meters. As the extensive replacement programme, especially in the city of Zurich, is a complex and costly logistical process, we’re planning it as efficiently as possible. We will, of course, inform you in good time about your installation.

Solar energy and battery storage systems

Prosumer is a play on words, based on producer and consumer. Prosumer is the name given to residents who produce their own electricity, then consume the energy and sell the excess. We promote prosuming at ewz by offering solar panels for property owners and solar panels for tenants, as well as battery storage systems.

Research has shown that the biggest motivation to become a prosumer is the desire to be independent – independent from energy suppliers and independent from electricity price fluctuations. Investing in a solar panel installation, with or without a storage system, is also worthwhile in terms of enhancing the value of the property.

Use our solar panel calculator (in German) to find out whether the roof of your building is suitable for a solar power/photovoltaic system. 

No. It’s important that we visit a building in person. That way, we can clarify your needs and individual consumption. We can also assess the condition of the roof, the surrounding area and the existing electrical infrastructure. This is all key to making sure you can make an informed decision. You can request a roof suitability check here.

In many cantons, you can deduct the cost of installing solar panels on existing buildings. The investment cost can also be carried forward to the next two tax periods if it hasn’t been possible to take these expenses fully into account for tax purposes in the year in which they were incurred. We recommend that you clarify the details with your tax office.

When you buy a square metre of solar panel, you can then use solar power from a modern ewz.solarzüri (in German) solar panel installation on a public building in the city of Zurich. For every square metre, you get a fixed quantity of 80 kWh of solar power – for 20 years.

Private households and SMEs in the city of Zurich that consume less than 100 MWh a year. More about ewz.solarzüri (in German).

If you move away, you can invoke your take-back guarantee. We’ll then buy back your share of electricity. Alternatively, you can transfer your solar power supply to another customer. Let us know about your move, then we’ll discuss with you what you need to do.

The battery storage system enables you to consume a large proportion of your solar power yourself. This, in turn, reduces the amount of electricity that you need to buy from your energy supplier. By having the right combination of photovoltaic system, battery storage system and power consumers, you can increase the proportion of self-consumed electricity to over 70 per cent.

The electricity generated by a photovoltaic system is used first of all for self-consumption. If there’s more solar power available than is currently being consumed, the excess goes into the battery storage system. The electricity that isn’t needed is only fed into the grid when the battery storage is full. If electricity is then needed during the evening or overnight, the stored solar power is available to be used. That way, a large proportion of the electricity you need can be covered by the self-produced solar power.

Battery storage systems have a shorter service life than the rest of your system. This service life is specified in charging cycles. One cycle includes the charging and discharging of the entire capacity of the battery. If a battery guarantees 6,000 cycles, the battery storage system can be completely discharged and recharged 6,000 times. If it’s discharged to 50 per cent, this is equivalent to 12,000 cycles.

You get the right to use solar power from a new, modern solar power plant in the Canton of Grisons. You can purchase virtual square metres. Every square metre represents a fixed purchase of 180 kWh of solar power per year over a period of 20 years. More about ewz.solargrischun

Private households and SMEs in the city of Zurich or in the Canton of Grisons that use the ewz distribution grid and have an annual consumption of less than 100 MWh per facility. More about ewz.solargrischun

You can purchase a maximum of 5 square metres or 900 kWh per year. If you order more than this, ewz will be happy to check your request, taking your annual electricity consumption into account. If you purchase more solar power than you use, the excess quantity is forfeited. More about ewz.solargrischun.

Self-consumption and ZEV

Self-consumption of solar power means that locally produced solar power is used directly on site. Instead of being fed into the grid, system operators can sell the solar power to residents directly and at a profit. As electricity from your own roof is cheaper than from the grid, increasing self-consumption pays off for all those involved. Tenants get cheaper, sustainably produced electricity while the system operators increase the profitability of their solar panels. We’ll be happy to calculate the future return for your property.

A ZEV is a contractual association formed between several parties for the joint consumption of locally produced electricity. It allows tenants at a property to access the solar power from the roof.

  • The output of the solar panel installation must constitute at least 10 per cent of the ZEV’s connected load.
  • Tenants must agree to be part of the ZEV.
  • The solar panel installation and all ZEV members must be connected to the same grid connection point. 
  • The energy consumption within the ZEV must be billed according to consumption.
  • The ZEV must be registered with the local distribution network operator at least 3 months before commissioning.

We’re happy to give property owners comprehensive advice about the statutory regulations relating to ZEVs and the rights and obligations resulting from them. 

The costs of implementing a ZEV depend on a number of factors, such as the size of the system, the number of consumers and the set-up for the building installations. Local electricity and feed-in tariffs also affect a ZEV’s profitability.

In most cases, a ZEV increases profitability and therefore reduces the amortisation period for the PV system.
We’re happy to calculate this for your property and to prepare a non-binding quote for you.


ewz.solarsplit is a practice model for distribution network operators (DNO) and can only be offered by ewz within their own distribution grid. If your property is located in the city of Zurich or in the ewz distribution grid in the Grisons, then you’ll find the relevant information here.

Implementing ewz.solarsplit is really easy. Using smart meter technology enables dynamic allocation of solar power in real time. Tenants continue to get their electricity bill from ewz, and the bill will now include their solar power in addition to their individual electricity product. As the system owner, you get a quarterly credit from ewz for the solar power you’ve sold to tenants and for any electricity fed back into the grid. We’re happy to give property owners comprehensive advice about the resulting benefits.


Charging on the go

With ewz mobil, you pay for the energy purchased from the operator of the charging station. The relevant energy price can be seen at the charging stations as well as in our ewz mobil app. You’ll receive your monthly bill directly from our specialist partner Swisscharge. The cost will be charged to your credit card.

The price for charging an electric vehicle comprises (dependent of the operator) up to three components that can also be combined:

Starting fee:

One-off fee for starting the charging process.

Consumption-based billing:

Individual price per kWh of energy purchased.

Time-based billing:

Based on the connection time at the charging station. Costs are no longer incurred once your electric vehicle is disconnected from the charging station.

Charging at home

The cost of charging at home includes a monthly basic fee of CHF 9.90 (incl. VAT) plus the cost of the energy consumption. In the city of Zurich, the energy cost is CHF 0.19/kWh incl. VAT. You will find prices for other locations here.

The prices are based on the applicable tariffs for the respective supplier. These include energy costs, grid usage and municipal levies. All of these components will differ depending on the supply area and will result in different prices.

The costs for planning, construction, operation, maintenance and billing of public charging stations are higher.

You can cancel your ewz mobil subscription at any time to the end of the following month via our contact form. Please note that your cancellation only applies to our services and not to your parking space.

To make the most of the available functions relating to electromobility when you’re on the move, we recommend that you download our ewz mobil app. The app can, for example, show you the nearest available charging station quickly and easily.

Other benefits:

  • Billing by credit card
  • Simple changes to your profile details
  • Straightforward presentation of the current and previous billing period as well as downtime
  • Map of all charging stations in Switzerland and 40,000 partner stations in Europe
  • If you lose your charging card, you can block it yourself immediately and apply for a new one at the same time

You can benefit from our Europe-wide network. To display all charging stations that can be used with the ewz mobil app, set the following filters: 

  1. Go to ‘Profile’ in the ewz mobil app
  2. Click on ‘Filters’
  3. Activate the filter for ‘Roaming charging stations’

Charging at home


+41 58 319 47 67 (then option 2) 

Contact form

‘My charging station’ enquiry

Charging on the go

Please use the contact details for the local operator at public charging stations.

Yes, you can activate the charging stations shown in the ewz mobil app yourself directly in the app.

You can order a new charging card via the app.


  • Continuous: Car connected
  • Pulsing: Charging in progress
  • Blinking: Authentication is ongoing
  • Fast blinking: Waiting for key check (charging tag)


  • Charging station waiting for configuration


  • Continuous: Insulation fault on charging cable, plug or vehicle. Remove charging cable and reconnect. If the red light comes on again, try another charging cable.
  • Blinking: Charging station is too hot.

ewz fast-charging stations:

  • Pfingstweidstrasse 85, 8005 Zurich
  • Tramstrasse 35, 8050 Zurich
  • Mythenquai 320, 8038 Zurich

ewz charging station:

  • Thurgauerstrasse 54, 8050 Zurich

As a registered user of ewz mobil, you can of course benefit from a professionally equipped charging network throughout Switzerland and Europe. You can find the map here.

Energy solutions

Yes. We’ve installed numerous energy storage systems of various sizes in the city of Zurich. To get most benefit from an energy storage system, it should be compatible with the solar panel system. This applies to electricity storage systems combined with photovoltaics as well as heat storage systems combined with solar thermal energy. More about energy storage systems.

We support you throughout the entire lifecycle of your property and take responsibility for the planning, implementation and financing of all energy systems. We use environmentally friendly technologies, take local resources into account and guarantee you optimal value for money.

Energy policy requirements are becoming increasingly stringent. It’s therefore important that a building’s heat loss, building services and the use of renewable energies are considered as a whole. An on-site situation analysis by our experts will show you which renovation measures are suitable for your property.

Grid customer concerns

Do you want to build a house? Increase the capacity of your existing connection? Relocate the connection to your house? We can help.

You can obtain a PDF (in German) of the information for electrical installation and inspection companies, and also find more information about this here.

Despite good security of supply, there can still be outages on the electricity grid. A second grid connection will increase energy availability and give your company the necessary security of supply.

Installation inspection is prescribed by law. It’s regulated by the Ordinance on Low-voltage Installations (NIV). You’ll find all information sheets and forms here.

  • Grid connections that do not trigger a new or reconstructed transformer station: 3–12 months
  • Connections that require the construction or reconstruction of a transformer station: 12–24 months
  • Connections with an output exceeding 4 MVA: > 24 months

Power generation

No. It’s important that we visit a building in person. That way, we can clarify your needs and individual consumption. We can also assess the condition of the roof, the surrounding area and the existing electrical infrastructure. This is all key to making sure you can make an informed decision. You can request a roof suitability check here.

In many cantons, you can deduct the cost of installing solar panels on existing buildings. It’s best that you clarify this with your tax office.

Yes. The ewz solar panel calculator works in such a way that it calculates the solar potential regardless of your location. However, it currently only compares the costs with valid ewz electricity products in the city of Zurich. We always include selected areas for comparison.

As a tenant, you can invest in a public solar power system in Zurich. Purchase the number of square metres of solar panels that you want via ewz.solarzüri (in German).

Use our solar panel calculator (in German) to find out whether the roof of your building is suitable for a solar power/photovoltaic system. 

We’re one of only a few companies that produces, distributes and trades energy. We’re continually expanding our production from renewable energies. This mainly includes wind and solar energy in Switzerland and abroad.

Power outage and disruption notices

You’ll find detailed information here about what to do during a power outage.

We don’t guarantee that we will always supply electricity without outages. We are therefore not liable for any direct or indirect damage caused by a power outage. That is our practice and is also stated clearly in our Regulation on the operation of the distribution grid (in German) and energy supply by the Zurich Municipal Electric Utility. This therefore expressly excludes any liability on our part (Art. 2 of the Regulations, particularly paragraph 2.3.7). The cause of the power outage is not important.

According to the Regulation (Art. 2, Para. 2.3.6), our electricity customers must ensure that no people or property are endangered during a power outage. This includes when the electricity fails unexpectedly. You must therefore protect your technical systems from power outages and power fluctuations yourself.

When there is a power outage, you can contact us by phone or email day or night:

  • Phone: +41 58 319 40 30 (Zurich)
  • Phone: +41 58 319 69 71 (Grisons)
  • Email:

We notify our customers about planned outages caused by maintenance or construction work on the ewz grid. However, the power can also fail unexpectedly. This could possibly be because construction workers have damaged a power cable. More on this topic.

When there is a power outage, we react quickly and try to find the cause. We keep you informed about power outages and their current status on our website or on Twitter

We offer our customers in the city of Zurich supply area free disruption notices by text message. We will inform you about the expected duration of the disruption to your connection within 30 to 60 minutes. We will then inform you later when the power has been restored.
Subscribe to our free disruption text message service.

We are happy to carry out special measurements
to help with voltage fluctuations or optical/acoustic interference:
Factsheet — special measurements (in German)
Request measurements (in German)

Jobs and careers

We encourage young talent and make it easy for you to start your career at ewz.

There are usually two rounds of interviews. These include interviews, case studies, personality tests or work trials. They are attended by the direct supervisor, the next most senior supervisor and HR management.

For data protection reasons, we delete your electronic documents at the end of the application process.

If you can’t find a particular job any more, then the application phase for that job has ended. If you’re still interested in jobs at ewz, we recommend signing up to our job search subscription service (in German).

Click on ‘Apply now’ in the electronic job advert and fill out all required fields. Please provide us with complete application documents. These include a cover letter, a CV and all relevant references and diplomas. As soon as we’ve received your application, we will confirm receipt by email and then update you regularly about what happens next.

We advertise all vacancies online. Have you found a suitable job? Then please submit an electronic application straight away.

Vocational training and apprenticeships

We’ll confirm immediately that we have received your documents and let you know what happens next.

Yes, as soon as you’re in the second year of secondary school. Send us an email and tell us what profession you’d like to do a taster in. Further information about apprenticeship tasters.

A complete application includes a cover letter, a CV, copies of secondary school reports, as well as important documents like the Multicheck. Make sure you compress the files when you send these documents electronically.

We’d prefer you to submit your application online, but you can also send it by post: Human Resources Management, Berufsbildungsverantwortliche, Tramstrasse 35, 8050 Zurich.

If you’re still interested in an apprenticeship at ewz, then sign up to our job search subscription service (in German).

We only advertise our apprenticeships online. Click on ‘Apply now’ in the particular job advert and fill out all required fields.

We offer various apprenticeships. We advertise all apprenticeship vacancies online.

Downloads and forms

In our Document Centre, you’ll find, among other things, our Annual and Sustainability Reports as well as tariffs and regulations. There are also brochures about our various systems, products and services.

In-home energy audit