Enter your usable roof area and the orientation and pitch of your roof, and the solar panel calculator will determine energy yield, net investments costs and annual CO₂ reduction for your individual solar panel installation.

5000 kWh per yearCHF 15,0001.2 tonnes per year
Sample calculation: 31 m2 solar module on a gabled roof with a 35° pitch

Frequently asked questions

Yes. The ewz solar panel calculator works in such a way that it calculates the solar potential regardless of your location. However, it currently only compares the costs with valid ewz electricity products in the city of Zurich. We always include selected areas for comparison.

In many cantons, you can deduct the cost of installing solar panels on existing buildings. It’s best that you clarify this with your tax office.

No. It’s important that we visit a building in person. That way, we can clarify your needs and individual consumption. We can also assess the condition of the roof, the surrounding area and the existing electrical infrastructure. This is all key to making sure you can make an informed decision. You can request a roof suitability check here.