ewz.econatur is our most affordable green electricity tariff, and uses renewable energies from Switzerland and Europe. We indicate its exact origins via the fuel mix disclosure the following year.

Green electricity – because together we can make a difference

Green electricity is clean

For us, green electricity means climate-friendly and environmentally friendly energy from hydro, wind and solar power.

Green electricity is a necessity

By producing green electricity, we're playing a key role in replacing nuclear power. That is why we promote the expansion of green power plants.

Green electricity is sustainable

Water, wind and sunlight will always be available as energy sources in the future. We can therefore be secure in the knowledge that reliable production of green electricity can continue.

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Green electricity
Switzerland & Europe
Average for a single person household*

* *incl. VAT. 1,600 kWh/year (of which 1,168 kWh at peak tariff and 432 kWh at off-peak tariff)

Do you want to do more for the environment?
Then switch to ewz.natur – for a surcharge of just 1 Swiss franc per month for an average single person household with annual consumption of 1,500 kWh. With ewz.natur, you get green electricity from our own hydropower, wind and solar power plants.
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Frequently asked questions

ewz.pronatur – certified green electricity from hydro, sun and wind power, produced in Switzerland. For every kilowatt hour, CHF 0.01 is invested in the naturemade star fund, which supports the renaturation of habitats.

ewz.natur – affordable green electricity from hydro, solar and wind power, produced 100 per cent in Switzerland and Europe by ewz.

ewz.econatur – green electricity from hydro and wind power produced in Switzerland and Europe.


You can change to an electricity product with a higher environmental value at any point. For example, from ewz.natur to ewz.pronatur. The change will apply immediately.


Do you want to change to an electricity product with a lower environmental value? For example, from ewz.pronatur to ewz.natur? Then please let us know no later than 20 days after you’ve received your yearly bill. The change will apply as soon as the new billing period begins. Do you get a bill every month? Then the change will apply from the next quarter, but only if you’ve told us that you want to change 30 days in advance.

Our recommendation is ewz.natur. You’ll receive pure green electricity from our own production facilities at a very attractive price. If you want to do more for the environment, choose ewz.pronatur.