Enthusiasm is contagious! If you want to take greater care in your use of energy and resources, then you’ve come to the right place. So too if you want to inspire the employees at your company to use energy more efficiently. Or if you want to raise awareness around this issue among the residents of your property. We have the right training tools for you. So you can share your enthusiasm.


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Motivate others: training courses for employees

We are happy to develop a training programme tailored to your company. It can be a workshop, an exhibition, or a long-term programme made up of several modules.

A strong commitment

A positive example

Initial spark


Factsheet – ewz.energieerlebnis (in German)

PDF 300 kB

Raise awareness: training courses for residents

We offer energy training courses to raise awareness of energy issues, and to turn interested individuals in your residential development into power conservation pilots. In our energy training courses, we offer a light-hearted insight into methods that save energy and cut costs in day-to-day life. Power conservation pilots share energy-saving tips with their neighbours and distribute energy-saving tools.

Optimised costs

Social cohesion


Factsheet – Power conservation pilots (in German)

PDF 40 kB

Factsheet – Energy training course (in German)

PDF 210 kB

Get informed: photovoltaic exhibition

Our mobile photovoltaic exhibition is a simple, clear way to communicate the exciting developments, massive potential and everyday use of solar energy. The exhibition is ideal for outdoor use and can be adapted to suit your supporting programme.


Factsheet – photovoltaic exhibition (in German)

PDF 140 kB

Factsheet – solar power plant demo (in German)

PDF 170 kB

Sustainable saving tips for SMEs

Long-term success requires cost control – particularly in small- and medium-sized enterprises. Our energy saving tips help you reach your full savings potential while protecting the environment at the same time. 


Energy saving tips – electricity (in German)

PDF 60 kB

Energy saving tips – heating (in German)

PDF 60 kB

Energy saving tips – sanitary (in German)

PDF 60 kB

Energy saving tips – ventilation (in German)

PDF 60 kB