With the Climate Contribution applied to your fibre-optic data connections, you have the opportunity to achieve real improvements in your company’s carbon footprint. Your contribution goes towards removing some of the atmospheric carbon dioxide that remains an unavoidable by-product of building fibre optic infrastructure. ewz supports you in these efforts and shares in your commitment as an equal partner.

How you can benefit from the Climate Contribution

Sustainable reduction of CO₂

The Climate Contribution does not just offset the resulting CO₂, but actually reduces it. This means that it is filtered directly from the atmosphere using state-of-the-art filter systems and used for industrial purposes or stored sustainably. 

Strong partners, state-of-the-art technology

Our Climate Contribution system is supported by Climeworks, which filters newly created and historical CO₂ from the air using its innovative, forward-looking direct air capture technology. The energy required for this comes from sustainable, renewable energy sources.

ewz boosts your contribution

Maintaining a pristine environment is very important to us as well. Which is why ewz shares in your commitment. We double every franc you invest in your Climate Contribution from our innovation fund. Together, we can filter twice the amount of CO₂ from the atmosphere.

Simple and straightforward

The Climate Contribution is effortless for you: ewz takes care of all the administration, and you will receive a confirmation for your entire contribution to reducing your carbon footprint.

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Climate Contribution

The Climate Contribution can be combined with all products for site networking or connection to data centres.
You can easily achieve real improvements in your company’s carbon footprint.
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Our vision

We’re committed to a sustainable future, and we support the city of Zurich with the energy transition and the achievement of its net-zero targets. Together with our partners and customers, we’re making sustainable use of our natural resources to ensure that future generations can also enjoy a pristine and healthy natural environment.

How the Climate Contribution works

When signing a contract, you can opt to make a Climate Contribution amounting to 1% of the total contract value (TCV).

ewz participates in your commitment as an equal partner: we match your contribution from our innovation fund. Together, we can have twice as much CO₂ filtered out of the atmosphere.

ewz transfers the total to Climeworks, which filters the corresponding quantity of CO₂ straight from the atmosphere. You will receive a confirmation of precisely how much CO₂ has been removed from the air as a result of your contribution.

Graphic: example calculation for the Climate Contribution

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