A feast for the eyes: join us for a fascinating look behind the power socket at our substations in Oerlikon, Zeughaus and Sempersteig. What does it take to keep electricity flowing night and day? How does electricity get to the city? How does high voltage become low voltage? Join our tour for answers to all these questions!

Innovative Oerlikon substation

Oerlikon substation is one of the most advanced facilities for the transformation and distribution of electrical energy. View the world’s first gas-insulated switchgear, which uses a new, environmentally friendly gas blend. Marvel at the underground switchgear as you look through the peepholes. And enjoy the building artwork, created by Swiss artist Yves Netzhammer.

Classic substations Zeughaus and Sempersteig

These substations are in the heart of Zurich but well-hidden. Both of them are fitted with classic 150-kilovolt SF6 switchgear.

A tour lasts between 60 and 90 minutes, depending on the number of groups and the interest of the participants. The Swiss Federal Inspectorate for Heavy Current Installations (ESTI) requires us to provide one guide for every five participants. 

Costs are charged on the basis of the actual time spent. You will be sent the address and directions once you have registered.


Number of people     CHF incl. VAT
Up to 5 people 107.70 / hour
Up to 10 people215.00 / hour
Up to 15 people323.10 / hour
Max. 20 people430.80 / hour