Many thanks for your interest in a partnership. It is important to us that ewz can identify with your project. If you feel your project matches our sponsorship criteria, please fill out our sponsorship form.

In assessing potential support, the following criteria are relevant to ewz:

  • ewz corporate values, in particular the values ‘visionary’ and ‘sustainable’
  • Guarantee of sector exclusivity
  • Relevance to ewz supply areas, i.e. the city of Zurich and/or the Grisons

The following overall conditions apply to ewz sponsorship:

  • ewz supports events and projects within Switzerland with the objective of gaining a communicative return
  • Sponsorship partnerships are only conducted by ewz, and not individual divisions of ewz
  • There is no sponsorship of individuals
  • Sponsorship in kind – in the form of free electricity – is not generally offered
  • We will not consider sponsorship requests based on purely political interests
  • The selection of sponsorship activities is not influenced by economic or political factors
  • An assessment must be delivered following each sponsorship activity